Easy To Follow Step By Step Guide on How To Clean Your Gutters

Keep your gutters clean for longer!

An Easy To Follow Step By Step Guide on How To Clean Your Gutters (and keep them clean for longer)!

Gutter Cleaning GuideStep by Step Guide on Gutter Cleaning

Although we try to dodge gutter cleaning at every price or procrastinate it until the absolute last minute, it is an essential horrible task that all homeowners simply have to deal with. It is that one task we know needs to be done in advance before the rains and requiring roof repair service.

When gutter cleaning task is neglected, it can cause some serious trouble for your landscaping, siding, and even the foundation of your house. Good practice is to clean the gutters at least twice a year or even more frequent if you have a lot of trees around your home. In addition you should do a proper check on the gutters after a good down pour or storm to ensure the drainage is still in tact.

If the time has come for you to do that dreadful gutter cleaning job, here is a list of supplies you need and a step by step guided to help you make it more bearable.

You will need these gutter cleaning equipment:

  1. A good sturdy long ladder
  2. A comfortable sized bucket
  3. A narrow plastic scoop that will fit the inside of the gutters. A plastic kids spade will also do the trick.
  4. Wear a shirt with long sleeves
  5. Good quality gloves
  6. A water hose

Step 1:
Set up your ladder and ensure it is on a secure flat surface. If likely, have someone to hold the ladder for you.

Step 2:
Put on the good quality gloves and long sleeved shirt.

Step 3:
Use a wire hook to secure the bucket to a comfortable reachable place to the ladder.

Step 4:
Start by removing dirt, leaves, and twigs by hand or the scoop you have and dump it in the bucket.

Step 5:
Use the water hose and flush the gutter. Make sure there is proper drainage through the downspout. If there is a drainage problem you should start searching for a clog.

Step 6:
If you can find the clog, try to flush it out with the water hose or remove the down pipe and clean out the clog.

Step 7:
Once you run the water through your gutters, be on the lookout for any leaks and repair it with gutter sealant right away.

If you are not in good physical health or you do not have the right sized ladder to reach the gutters, or you have a complex roofing system, it is wiser and safer to have professionals do the job for you. Cost mainly depends on the height and size of your home.

Want To Extend The Time Between Cleaning Gutters?

If you live in an area where there are plenty of leave shedding trees, you might want to consider fitting your gutters with gutter covers. It is really easy to install and will prevent large leaves, twigs, and other debris from falling into the gutters.

It is important to note that gutter covers will not spare you from cleaning your home’s gutters, but it will certainly help a lot to keep them clean for longer and prevent typical frequent clogging.

Different Types of Gutter Guards

Gutter Cleaner in SydneyThere are several types of gutter guards you can make use of. Your choice will largely depend on the type of investment you are prepared to make. We will show you the most basic ones.

DIY Screens
It is usually made of PVC or aluminium and are fitted on top of the gutter. Large leaves and debris are caught by the screen and allow the water to run away. This is a DIY friendly option with a huge selection of brands to choose from, easily available from most handy stores, and is fairly affordable.

Micro Mesh Screens
This is not a DIY option and these screens have holes as little as only 50 microns. It may block the leaves and anything smaller than the 50 microns, but it tends to build up sludge that needs to be removed manually. As a rule the sellers appoints their own installers.

Foam Inserts
The main objective is to block the gutter before the leaves and debris can block it. The gutter is filled with foam strips that is highly porous. The leaves and debris remain on top and the foam allows the water to filter down to the gutter. This option is super DIY friendly, very simple to do and is affordable.

Gutter Brush
It works on the same principal as the foam inserts where the water is allowed to pass with ease through the bristles of the brushes. The objective for the smaller debris that gets stuck in the bristles is to decompose. This too is a very simple easy to use DIY option that is very affordable.

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