How can I quiet a Noisy gutters and downspout?

Top 10 solution to noisy gutters and downspouts.

For some of us the dripping sound of gutters is no bother at all while for some of us it closely resembles Chinese water torture. For those who can not stand the irritating sound of water dripping from the gutters, regardless how soft or loud it is, there are some great solutions to change the rainy season back to a time of peace and tranquillity again.

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Noisy Gutters and Downpipes SydneyStop Noisy Gutters and Downpipes in Rain

Adjust The Spout Angle
One of the most simplistic ways to fix the problem is to change the angle of the downspout (see gutter downspouts at Bunnings or Bunnings downpipe fittings) and move the bottom part as far as possible away from the wall of the house. You can achieve it by using a larger spacer or making use of a longer gutter clip. By doing this, the water does not fall down directly on the spout but runs down on an angle and drip down the side.

Use a Different Downspout
When you change the metal downspout where the water comes out, and replaces it with a comparable piece made of plastic or vinyl that will reduce the echoing of the sound of the water.

Isolate The Downspout
One of the most definite ways to reduce the noise is to remove surfaces that can cause vibrations. You can cover the downspout pipe with foam insulators or by making use of spray foam.

Make a Sponge Work for You
A scrubber sponge can work wonders for you if the noise is as a result of water that drips on the base of the downspout elbow. You can glue a used scrubber sponge on to the inside base of the downspout. This will absorb the dripping water effectively without a noise.

A Shingle Will Help
A shingle will help in the same way as a sponge. It is likely that you might cut it to fit properly in the downspout. You can cram it into the opening without the need to glue it to the metal.

Synthetic Turf
Synthetic turf can do the same as the shingles and a sponge. Since it is synthetic and prevent sound vibrations is will also dampen the sound at all.

Foam Downspout Insert
A downspout insert is specifically formulated to deal with disturbing and strident downspouts. It is made of malleable soft foam that can be placed into the downspout with ease and can be neatly cut around the edge of the opening.

A Piece of Rope
A piece of rope employs a different concept. When you place a nylon rope inside the entire length of the downspout from top to bottom, it forces the water to run down the rope and not against the metal that vibrates the sound.

Get a Chain
A downspout chain basically replaces the biggest part of the gutter by hanging it along the gutter downspout opening and allows the water dribble to move down the chain effortlessly without making a noise. It is however not an appropriate solution where heavy rainfall occurs.

Plastic Downspout Chain
A plastic downspout chain can be regarded as a blend of the rope and chain. The way to make this work is to place a plastic chain on the inside of the downspout. You can make your own one by linking cable ties or long plastic pieces in a vertical position for the water to run down on without making a noise.

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