Who is responsible for the gutter?

Do I have to clean the gutters?

With the turn of the season and the amber colours of the leaves letting us know winter is on it’s way, it also announces a maintenance task that leave many cold in their tracks. It is time to clean the gutters.

Maintaining the gutters and keeping them clean is a task that should be of a serious nature for any homeowner. Gutters overfilled with leaves, twigs, and debris can cause serious damage to your home. People invest large sums of money when they buy a property. Regardless if they rent it out for generating an investment income or to pay off an investment property. Click here if you need free roof inspection in Sydney.

Gutter Cleaner Northern BeachesThe importance of gutter cleaning.

Often the importance of gutter cleaning is overlooked with dire consequences especially if there is damage to the property as a result of the poor condition or dirt accumulated in the gutters. This can be anything from flooding or damage to the foundation of your property. Once the damage is done and you hope to settle it with your insurance you will certainly be in for a rude awakening.

For the main part of it, OH&S is the main reason why tenants are not expected to keep gutters clean. While many homeowners would like to argue that keeping the gutters clean is the same as mowing the lawn, it is not that simple. Mowing the lawn does not require you to use dangerous equipment at dangerous heights for a task that the tenant is not qualified for. Therefore, for this simple reason, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to see that this preventative maintenance is done. After all, you want to do the best you can to prevent damage to your investment and ensure that it is well kept.

Sadly many homeowners that rent out their properties regard that few dollars a year as unnecessary, yet when disaster strike, those few dollars can save you thousands on preventable damage.

It happens all too often that property owners neglect the gutters. A storm hit, the gutters are blocked, water flow onto the ceiling cavity, the weight of the water cause the ceilings to cave in and a preventable disastrous mess is on your hands with a very disgruntled tenant in really unliveable conditions.

You might think that it is not such a problem as you might have insurance? Insurance assessors do inspections and should they find that the gutters or down pipes are not well maintained or blocked, it means that a lack of preventative maintenance is the cause of the roof damage and not the storm as such. This, more often than not, results in claims that are rejected.

When one consider this all, one should ask the question is that few hundred dollars you need to spend on gutter cleaning as a landlord really worth the risk of dealing with a rejected insurance claim? Is it really worth the thousands of dollars you have to spend at once just to remedy the situation?

Certainly the question that should be answered now is when last did you as a landlord had your property’s gutters cleaned and checked?

Get a professional gutter cleaner in Sydney on your side that will help you to maintain your investment properly with sound and professional advice and fast, prompt, quality service.

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